Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bigger Things

It's come to a time where I believe that I may need to have my own website, a domain in my own name, a proper artist site. I have begun construction for this, and am designing screens for my new site (as well as a new business card.) Unfortunately, I myself do not know any HTML, so further assistance will be required. I don't fully understand everything I need to do, so I may have made some mistakes on my design, there's probably things I should be doing that I'm not, because the fact that I just don't know about it, anyways, designs look good nevertheless. Here's a sneak peak.

(Click to enlarge)


Friday, 5 June 2009

The Big Show

So the exhibition is now in full swing. The private view was on Tuesday evening and was like nothing I could ever imagined. There were a large amount of people there, and a few of my close friends sold some work. The show was fantastic. Here's what the last 3 years of my life have all been for.


Overall the past 5-6 months have all gone solidly into this project. Today 05-06-09 I sold my first ever painting. Barack Obama sold for an undisclosed amount.


I've given out around 70 business cards so far, I've been slightly selective with my audience, trying to pick out the people who like they would buy my work or request a commission, but I've always left cards for anyone to take. Hopefully someone has seen something they like and are going to contact me, I'd love a new challenge .

I stood around my work talking to people for a while, and it's funny, I saw at least 3 people take this EXACT photograph, I guess they like the smile or something. I guess it shows the detail well. So I though I'd take the same photo too.



Thats all for now folks. I'm hoping to get a website up in the next few weeks, as soon as I can find someone to help me with HTML. Stay Tuned.