Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Me and I



It's been awhile since I put mind power into my Art, fairly often, I will be drawing without thinking, subconsciously, yes, this is a good way to draw for most people, and I enjoy it myself. It brings out some good stuff. It's been about a year since I did the stuff I really love though. The mathematically planned, riddled with meaning, hard core, time consuming art work. I do wish to return to that now, but without structure and a studio, it becomes rather hard. I have started a new sketchbook to aid me on this journey. This is the 'Squared' sketchbook. Back to Maths ^_^

I wish to create Five large pieces of work, all based on the same image, almost like, a mathematical equation, showing work along the way, however each piece, a finish piece in it's own right. The end result will be no more final than the first.


There's already elements of ASCii, Binary and Pixel in this new sketchbook, I wont go into anymore detail, but hopefully this project shall bloom beautifully.


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