Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hero of Zero x3

Slightly away from my main project here, spent most of last night (about 6 hours) shifting through a website I just found, with many artists on there, got a fair amount of artist research done, as well as a new pixel self portrait and a new digi painting self portrait from a fairly recent sketch. The website I spent many hours on last night is if you're interested. Here's the 2 pieces I created last night:


Also this morning had some time to do another one in the same series, just from sketches, more Hero of Zero.


Not sure on a few things with these three pieces, firstly on the pixel piece, the hair is slightly bothering me, but overall I think I'm rather please with it, I hope to print it out on a nice glossy sheet of A2 paper. As for the digital paintings, it's a new style, looks kinda flat and messy in my opinion. Not sure on the lack of facial features, and those "blood lips" might be a tad cliche for my liking.

Hero of Zero.

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