Saturday, 28 March 2009

Full Steam


I've been fairly busy the last few days. My "Pixel Me" project has progressed somewhat, Stage 1 is now 3/4's complete.



Recently, I've started getting more and more interested in story boarding, a good friend of mine who I've seen develop over the last few years has been working so hard and is finally starting to break into the industry, I admire his work, and love the idea of making other peoples ideas and thoughts into physical drawings/objects, making there vision a reality. I'd hope to think that my imagination is strong enough to picture what other people are picturing and my skills are good enough to draw that exact image.

I came up with a quick idea of a man walking through the desert, who then spontaneously catches fire, only to be able to control it, a sort of human torch idea. Here is the early sketch and first attempt at digi painting, currently unsure why it's Grey scale and not flesh tones, but I'm working on it.

My work is getting much more exciting now (for me doing it at least) and I hope to have some more images to show in the near future.

Hero of Zero.

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  1. YOU had an idea did you? :P
    you didnt, say, see someone elses paintings of someone spontaneously catching fire and then get this idea, did you? haha nah didnt think so ;p