Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sneak Peek

Been in the studio working on some large work now, I said I would upload some images when they are closer to completion, but these beasts are taking longer then I had imagined, so I'm going to post up a behind the scene look at the works in progress, hopefully I can carry on like this and have a nice time line and end result to show.






Each piece is almost 6foot by 4foot, with a grid that creates 22,326 squares on each piece, with a total of 89,304 squares spread across all 4 works.

This project is now in full swing, the planning stage is over, the preparation stage is also over, Here you can see how it is developing. This is just one piece of four, I will be pouring many hours into this and I can only look forward to showing the end result.

Hero of Zero.

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